July 20, 2024

Automatic price observation on the Internet with Price Monitoring Extension

In times of constant online availability of products and services and growing competitive pressure, continuous market and price observation is part of the basic equipment of every successful company. The right pricing strategy is therefore based on fast, consumable data and reliable information: automatic, simple and targeted.
With its Data Service Price Monitoring (PMO), triples have been one of the leading service providers in the field of automatic price monitoring on the Internet for over 10 years. Through the continuous development of our know-how, shop prices can be recorded directly without having to resort to third-party portals. The reliability of our data is guaranteed not least by anonymous crawling software and the latest technologies. With our innovative in-house developments you will always have your products and the varying online prices up to date!

Price Monitoring Extension
Price Monitoring Extension

Price monitoring

Data as a Service: You define shops, articles, interval and data exchange and thus determine the way in which prices are monitored – individually and flexibly. In addition to daily price data retrieval, we also offer individualized time periods that can be adapted to your needs. Best to use a Price Monitoring Extension.


At your desired interval, we automatically provide you with all relevant key performance indicators (including minimum, maximum and average prices as well as deviations from the EIA + recommended sales price) for your strategic competitive advantage.

Margin optimisation

Reports for purchasing, price alerts for category management, a listing of “pig prices” and price drivers. We provide the relevant data for your decision-makers.


Since 2006 we have been engaged in the development and adaptation of online pricing tools. We know the technical and legal hurdles of the business. We would like to let you profit from this experience.

Regionally and globally operating companies of various industries and sizes have been relying on triples for years to implement online pricing projects. Step by step we have expanded our industry expertise, from which you will benefit in every case.
Convince yourself of our know-how and take a look at the documentation of the consumer advice center as well as the experience reports of our customers.

Market observation Price monitoring

Market observations by PMO
Dynamic price differentiation is part of the everyday tool repertoire of online trade and has serious consequences for manufacturers and dealers as well as for end consumers. The processing of our data by the consumer advice center has led to new findings regarding the individualised location and device-dependent prices, which we do not want to withhold from you. Download the exciting results of the study quickly and easily here!
Dynamic price differentiationIndividual price differentiation
Price monitoring electronics industries
Automotive, DIY and electronics industries
Frequent and extreme price changes are firmly anchored in these sectors, which means that the “real” value of individual products can only be determined vaguely. Manufacturers and retailers who are active in these sectors are expected to be extremely flexible and to carry out precise competitive analyses in order to remain attractive to end consumers. Discover how PMO can simplify your daily operations immensely.