June 24, 2024

Ace Hardware Paint Colors for a Romantic Bedroom

A romantic bedroom begins with a bold mix of rosy hues and a splash of pink paint for the ceiling. A combination of Ace Hardware paint colors can be used to create a bedroom that is as romantic as it is relaxing. A rich rosy hue for the walls, a softer pink for the trim and the ceiling color and accents of lavender make a romantic bedroom motif that you just can’t get enough of. Try these Ace Hardware paint colors for a romantic bedroom.

Ace Hardware Romantic Bedroom Paint Colors: Simply Red A7-7

Simply red is a really rosy paint color from the Ace Hardware color line. This tone is comparable to Wineberry Red from the Glidden paint line. A deep rich tone that is perfect for the walls of a romantic bedroom, this Ace Hardware paint color is bold enough to add some spice to the bedroom without going overboard with a true red tone!

Ace Hardware Romantic Bedroom Paint Colors: Hermosa A8-1

Hermosa is the softest shade of pink that it is almost white. This beautiful Ace Hardware paint color works great for the ceiling of a romantic bedroom. There is nothing like a very soft shade of pink on the ceiling to make the entire bedroom feel warm and inviting. This color also looks extra sensual in candlelight!

Ace Hardware Romantic Bedroom Paint Colors:HampshireGardensC4-6

Hampshire Gardens is a bold purple tone that is much like a flower fresh out of the garden. Wild Hyacinth or even a lavender Crepe Myrtle are similar tones to this beautiful bold Ace Hardware paint color. This is the perfect paint color for the trim of a romantic bedroom or if you choose to use Hermosa on the ceiling and trim then this color is perfect for use as an accent tone throughout the romantic bedroom.

Ace Hardware Romantic Bedroom Paint Colors: Realto B11-6

As an additional accent tone throughout the romantic style bedroom, Realto is a very warm and cozy rose tone that works well as accent colors throughout the room. This tone is perfect to coordinate curtains in the bedroom or for throw pillows. It also makes a warm accent color for an adjacent bathroom or hallway that connects to the romantic bedroom.

Ace Hardware Romantic Bedroom Paint Colors: Just Peachy A15-3

Just Peach is a nude tone Ace Hardware paint color that is just perfect for a romantic style bedroom. Nude tones are the perfect backdrop to rosy colors and pinks that create a warm and inviting room. Some other Ace Hardware nude tones include Apricot Glow and Salmon Creek all of which are perfect for use in a romantic bedroom.

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