June 23, 2024

How To Keep Home Hardware In Good Condition

You can remove paint from household hardware such as hinges, doorknobs, or electrical faceplates without using harsh chemicals or solvents to restore the natural beauty of the metal hardware. This can be done by with a few easy steps and using common household materials. Perhaps a painter got a little sloppy while painting the surface of your cabinets or doors and covered the hardware with paint. Taping the hardware of cabinets and doors is the best bet when painting your home.

Things you will need

Nylon brush


Plastic tongs


Razor knife

Step 1

Using a razor knife cut paint around the edges of the painted hardware; this prevents the paint from chipping further than the position of the hardware. Remove painted hardware such as doorknobs or hinges using a screwdriver.

Step 2

Fill a crock-pot with warm water, set the crock-pot on medium heat, and add a 1/4 cup of liquid laundry detergent. Place all of the painted hardware and screws into the crock-pot and cover the crock-pot with the lid. Allow all of the hardware to cook in the crock-pot overnight as this loosens all of the paint.

Step 3

Remove one piece of the hardware at a time from the crock-pot, as the paint will harden quickly. Use plastic tongs to remove the hardware this prevents scratching the metal surface of the hardware. Place the hardware on a towel or a piece of cardboard. Remove the loosened paint with your hand, as it will fall of easily. Use a nylon brush such as a toothbrush to remove paint stuck in smaller cracks of the hard ware. Wire brushes and similar tools are to abrasive and damage surfaces of metal easily.

Step 4

Dry the excess water from the hardware using a towel and then apply beeswax to the hardware. This will protect the metal from rusting and keeps a shine on the hardware. Rub the hardware with the beeswax and a soft cloth. Reapply beeswax every 6 months to prevent rusting and keeping your hardware shiny.

Step 5

Replace the hardware back onto the original location of the hardware using the same screws and a screwdriver. You have now restored the beauty of the original hardware.

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