May 19, 2024

Learn About Some of the Most Important Hardware Components of a Personal Computer or PC

The computer hardware is a compilation of physical items of a computer system; basically, it is everything that is tangible in a computer. Presently, all the information that is available online has made it easier to build your own computer;as long as, you are willing to spend some time learning how it works. Please check on my other articles to find out how to build your own computer.

The most common physical items located in your computer are: the monitor, keyboard, data storage, hard drive, mouse, graphic cards, sound cards, memory, mother board, chips, printers, external hard drives, etc.

Some of these items are also divided into input and output of data. For example, the keyboard and mouse are input; the monitor and printer are output.

The main components of a computer are: the computer case, the monitor, the motherboard, CPU and Ram, the expansion cards, the power supply, the optical disk drive, the hard disk drive, the keyboard and mouse.

The computer case can range from $50 dollars and up depending on your budget. There are several online stores as well as retail stores that carry tons of designs, the most modern ones have clear cases that look ultra cool showcasing all the neon cables but expect to pay an arm and a leg for them.

The monitor is the visual enhancer to data output, they come in all sizes and prices. LCD’s and LEDs are currently the most popular ones.

The motherboard most of them created by Intel are also quite affordable and can go from $80 to $300 dollars for a moderate budget, Remember that the CPU is the most important chip installed in the motherboard. The motherboard also has slots to install RAM (Random Access Memory) which serves as quick storage.

The power supply converts alternating current AC into low voltage DC, this is a dangerous object because it holds electricity even after the power supply is not being charge so be careful when handling this item. Compatibility is also very important when it comes to purchasing power supplies. You want to get the ATX specifications which come with their form factor and voltage tolerance information.

The optical disk drive so you can play CDs and DVDs

The keyboard which is your input device where you can type the information that you want to retrieve in the computer.

The mouse can be attached to a computer or wireless.

There is much more to it but I decided to simplify the description so that the hardware components are easier to remember, but if you desire to learn more about them, you will find plenty of information in my other articles and also online.

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