July 20, 2024

My Experience with DIY Drywall, Wood Trim and Door Frame Repair

When I moved into my house, I noticed that the gentlemen that helped me move, had dinged and dented many of my walls, door frames and trim. If this has happened to you, here is how to fix the damage. Both projects are fairly inexpensive, are easy to do, and they don’t take up very much time. This can add more appeal to the rooms of your house and give you a sense of pride that you did it yourself.


To repair my drywall I used joint compound, a 4 inch drywall knife, a joint compound pan, sanding block, and paint. Taking a small amount of joint compound on the 4 inch drywall knife, I smoothed the compound into the dings that were in my wall while being careful to wipe off any excess so it wouldn’t be lumpy. Sometimes this step is easier if you have a drop light or a portable flood light. I went through each room filling in the dings and nicks so that my walls would be smooth again.

The next day, I used the sanding block to sand the spots smooth and level with the rest of the wall. I used my broom to sweep the excess dust off of the wall since I did not want it in my paint. I looked at each spot carefully and applied a second coat of joint compound to anything that did not completely smooth out. I waited about six hours and sanded and swept it again. I then went through and painted all of the walls in each room that were damaged.

Wood Trim and Door Frame

Repairing wood trim and door frames are pretty much the same. When I repaired my trim and framing, I used wood putty. This can be found in a jar at the hardware store and feels similar to modeling clay. Simply take a small ball of the wood putty and work with it until it is pliable. Then take a small piece off and push it into the ding, dint, or nail hole that you wish to cover. After you have packed it tightly in the hole, take the ball and gently rub over the putty on the frame or trim. This will remove any excess putty from the wall. Let it sit for the time specified on the container, lightly sand it, and paint or stain your frame or trim.

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