October 21, 2021

Easy Diy Hanging Lanterns Made With Recycled Glass Jars

This is a super easy DIY project that will add glowing lantern light to any outdoor space like a patio, garden or walkway. These DIY hanging lanterns can be used to light outdoor walkways or outdoor party spaces. Decorate a few recycled glass jars and let the light shine. Here’s how –

Materials Needed to Make Hanging Lanterns

*Any size clean glass jars

*Rice paper or other thin-textured decorative paper


*Thin copper wire

*Tea light candles

Decorate the Lanterns

Cut strips of rice paper (or thin-textured paper) to fit around the widest part of the glass jars. Allow enough paper over-lap for gluing together, apply glue and press paper into place. This will create a lovely lantern while allowing the candle light to shine through.

Create Hangers for Lanterns

Cut a length of copper wire and wrap the copper wire around the glass jar just below the top lip. This will form a collar to which another length of copper wire will be attached for hanging the lantern. Twist copper wire ends together to secure into place.

Cut a longer piece of copper wire and place one end of the copper wire under the wire collar on one side of the jar and the other end of the copper wire under the wire on the opposite side of the jar’s mouth. Twist copper wire ends together to secure. This will form the hangers for the lanterns.

Place tea light candles in bottom of glass jars and light. Place hanging lanterns on tree limbs, porch overhangs or wherever an touch of light is needed for an outdoor space.

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