July 19, 2024

Craft Project: DIY Beaded High Heel Planter

Get out your old dancing shoes to make this glitzy DIY beaded high heel planter. This is an easy-to-make craft project that is perfect for beaders that have accumulated a lot of odd beads. A variety of glass and plastic beads were used to create this beaded high heel planter. These planters are great gifts for family and friends who love high heels – with some bling!

Materials to make DIY Beaded High Heel Planter:

Assortment of beads in varying sizes – use plastic or glass

Seed beads to use as fillers

Old high heel shoe (if you don’t have any old shoes that will work, check out resale shops)

E-6000 Industrial strength adhesive

Saran Wrap or plastic

Dirt & plant

Directions to make DIY beaded high heel planter:

The first step in making this beaded high heel planter is to find an old high heel shoe. Raid your closet or head for a resale shop where you’ll find old shoes for next to nothing. It’s best to use a larger size high heel so you’ll have more room for dirt and a plant in it. Wash the shoe to remove any dirt or dust that may be on it.

Next, select the beads that you want to use to create your glitzy beaded planter. Use various sizes of beads to add visual interest. Use both shiny and matte finish beads. Pour the larger beads that you’re using into a bowl for easy access while you are working.

You will also need seed beads to use as fillers around the larger beads. Pour the seed beads you choose into a small container.

Now comes the fun part! Starting at the toe of the shoe, glue beads onto it using E-6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive. Glue on a small area of beads and then set the shoe aside to let the beads dry. Use the seed beads to fill in around the larger beads. Continue gluing on beads, giving each section time to dry, until the whole shoe is covered.

To finish your DIY high heel planter, put a piece of Saran Wrap or plastic inside the shoe to help protect it when watering your plant. Fill the shoe with dirt for your plant. Trim the Saran Wrap close to the top of the dirt so it doesn’t show. Find a small plant that doesn’t need a lot of dirt to survive. For those of you who don’t have a green thumb, there’s always the option of ‘planting’ an artificial plant or flower.

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