May 19, 2024

The Runescape Dragons: What Different Kinds Are There?

Runescape has many dragons with many different combat styles. Some dragons are strictly melee fighters and some will battle with magic and other forms of combat. Only one dragon will be seen by F2P (free to play) players, and that is the basic dragon.

However these are the dragons that the paid members get to battle in the game. Bear in mind that an anti dragon shield is preferable when dragons are about, as well as plenty of potions and food to keep hitpoints up during the battle.

Dragons in Runescape

There are lower level regular dragons such as the green dragon (hitpoints of 75), these will fight with magic and melee. There are the metal based dragons such as the bronze, iron, steel, and mithril. Those are tougher to fight and will use the magic and melee attack. The mithril dragon even adds a ranged attack to the mix.

Then there are the other colored dragons (in addition to the aforementioned green dragon). They are black, blue, brutal green, red, and king black. All dragons will drop higher end items such as gems and charms, runes, coins, keys, and high end armor items. “Farming”, or going through battles over and over again (or a skill, etc) to gather a certain item, is typical around dragon areas.

Runescape Baby Dragons

There are types of baby dragons with low hitpoints that drop the baby dragon bones that can be used in the Prayer skill. These are still aggressive dragons, but their hitpoints range from 50-80 so a lower level player will be able to take them out better than the higher up dragons. This is good “practice” for the later dragons in the game.

Revenant Dragon

The last dragon that doesn’t fit into any other category is the Revenant Dragon. It is a very interesting ghost dragon that is part of the undead. It has good drops and is around 155 hitpoints to take down. It hangs around other revenants and undeads. Go ready with defenses against melee and magic combat. This dragon is the highest level of any of the revenants in the game. It is a dragon that was added to the game.


Dragons are interesting creatures if prepared for the fight and worrisome if not. Good defense protection and spamming potions and food during a battle could save a life. Keep in mind that dragons are the toughest creatures in the game for a reason and keep prepared for that.

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