June 24, 2024

Runescape 3+ Quest Points: Those Quests that Give Three Plus QPs

Runescape is a free mmo game that has well over a million players at any given time. There are these items in there called quest points that will be given as a player completes quests in the game. These quest points will get trading limits increased and fulfill requirements to harder quests. Whenever a quest is done, the player will be awarded the quest points.

This article will show you all the quests that give three or more quest points upon completion and the amount of quest points it will give. The ones that have the “free” beside them are the only ones that F2P (free to play) players can do, while members that are part of the paid for group can do all of them whether they say “free” or not. These will give three or more quest points when done.

3 Quest Point Giving Quests

Biohazard, Black Knight’s Fortress (Free), Demon Slayer (Free), Desert Treasure, The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Shades of Mort’ton, Making History, Monkey Madness, Murder Mystery, Prince Ali Rescue (Free), Regicide, and Vampire Slayer (Free).

4 Quest Point Giving Quests

The Druidic Ritual, Ernest the Chicken (Free), The Legends Quest, Sheep Herder, Watch Tower, and Witches House.

5 Quest Point Giving Quests

The Goblin Diplomacy (Free), The Grand Tree, Romeo and Juliet (Free), and Underground Pass.

6 Quest Point Giving Quest: Merlin’s Crystal

10 Quest Point Giving Quest: The Recipe for Disaster

Importance of Quest Points

So what do the quest points mean to the average player. Quest points will help get a player in to the higher level quests, all which have requirements pertaining to quest points. They also will increase the trade allowance that players have. For instance, a few of the higher level quests that need a certain amount of quest points are Heroes Quest and While Guthix Sleeps. At 32 quest points the player can get to the Champions Guild. At 55, the player can do the Heroes Quest. At 108 a player can do the Legends Quest. At 270 they can do While Guthix Sleeps.

Another aspect of quest points is that one is only allowed up to a certain number of quests in the game depending on what type of player. Free players are allowed 42 quest points to be completed, Runescape classic players get up to 112, and paid members can get to 277 quest points for them to be completed. So the number of quest points that the player has can tell them how much farther they’ve left to go as well.

Trade Limits and Quest Points

Quest points also will increase the amount of items that one is allowed to trade with players. Those with up to 10 quest points will have a 5,000 limit. Those with up to 34 will have a 10,000 limit. Those with up to 75 will have a 18,750 limit. Those with up to 150 will have a 34, 615 limit. Those with up to 225 will have a 50,480 limit. Those with up to 270 have the max, a limit of 60,000.

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