July 20, 2024

Rare Runes in Diablo 2: What They Are, What They Do

Diablo 2, a wildly popular Blizzard MMORPG game whose sequel Diablo 3 is highly anticipated, uses runes as a way of customizing different in game items.

Runes (as well as jewels and gems) can alter the weapon or armor item and give it buffs that it would not normally have. These runes (or gems and jewels) go into “socketed” items, or those that have openings that items will fit into. In the game of Diablo 2, the runes that follow are the rarest runes in the game.

Rare Runes

These are the hardest runes to find in the game and they are worth a mint in trades with other players.

  • Mal – Level 49. This prevents monster heal in weapons and has magic reduced by 7 in shields/armor/helms.
  • Ist – Level 51. This gives 30% better chance of magic items in weapons and has 25% better chance of magic items in armor/shields/helms.
  • Gul – Level 53. Gives 20% bonus to attack rating in weapons and 5% to maximum poison resist in shields/armor/helms.
  • Vex – Level 55. Gives 7% mana stolen per hit in weapons and 5% to maximum fire resist in shields/helms/armor.
  • Ohm – Level 57. Gives +50% enhanced damage in weapons and 5% to cold resist maximum in armor/helms/shields.

The Rarest of Rare Runes

These are the ultra rare of the runes, the ones that will fetch the most in a trade or open market.

  • Lo – Level 59. Gives 20% deadly strike to weapons and 5% to maximum lightning resistance in shields/armor/helms.
  • Sur – Level 61. Gives the ability to have hit blind the target in weapons and in shields gives +50 to mana. In armor/helms/shields it will raise max mana 5%.
  • Ber – Level 63. Gives 20% chance of crushing blow in weapons and a damage reduction of 8% in shields/armor/helms.
  • Jah – Level 65. In weapons will ignore any target defense, in Shields gives +50 to life, and for shields/helms/armor gives 5% increase to max life.
  • Cham – Level 67. Will freeze a target +3 if in weapons, makes one unable to be frozen in shields/helms/armor.
  • Zod – Level 69. Gives indestructibility for weapons, armor, helms, and shields.

Runes are a great way to make items buff the gamer precisely the way they want to be buffed. The bonuses are completed up to the gamer as to what they want and how they want them. This is a huge bonus in the game, one that the sequel of Diablo 3 is going to carry on.

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