July 19, 2024

Making Higher Level Potions in Runescape: When They Can Be Made and What They Are

The free MMORPG game of Runescape has many skills. One of them is the skill of Herblore. With this skill one can make potions to boost stats and abilities in the game.

To make these, there are set ingredients that are needed plus a required herblore level. This atricle defines what level the gamer needs to be to make the potion, the required ingredients, and what the potion will do.

Potions for Herblore 26-40

These potions will need the ingredients given and will do what it is designed to do.

  • Energy Potion – (Herblore 26) Making this potion will give you 67.5 experience points. It needs chocolate dust and harralander. Drinking will restore 10% energy to the player.
  • Defense Potion – (Herblore 30) Making this potion will give you 75 experience in herblore. Ingredients for the potion are ranarr weed and white berries. The potion will restore 10-15% defense when drank.
  • Agility Potion – (Herblore 34) Making this potion will give 80 experience points. Ingredients needed for it are toadflax and toad legs. Drinking this potion adds +3 to agility.
  • Combat Potion – (Herblore 36) This potion needs harralander and ground goat’s horn. It will give 84 experience points. Strength and attack stats will get 3-12 points from drinking it.
  • Restore Prayer – (Herblore 38) This will give 87.5 experience for making it. It takes ranaar weed and snape grass as ingredients. 40% prayer can be restored upon drinking it.

These are the low end of the higher potions that one can make. They give better stat boosts than any of the low end potions, but still aren’t the best in game.

Potions for Herblore 40-50

These potions will need the ingredients given, will grant experience points, and will do what it is designed to do.

  • Bravery Potion – (Herblore 45) This will need snake weed and ardrigal to make the potion. When one drinks it, they can do the Legend’s quest cave exploration.
  • Super Attack – (Herblore 45) This will give 100 experience points to herblore when made. Ingredients will be an eye of newt and an irit leaf. 20% attack stat buff is what it will give to the drinker.
  • Super Anti-Poison – (Herblore 48) This gives 107.5 experience points when it is made. Irit Leaves and ground unicorn horn is the ingredients for it and it will cure poison and put a resistance to poison into the drinker for temporary buffs.
  • Fishing Potion – (Herblore 50) This potion will give 112.5 experience. It will need an avantoe and snape grass to make the potion and it gives +3 to all fishing skill in game.

As you can see the higher end of the potions will give better experience, better stat buffs, and a quicker rise through the levels. When a skill level of 99 is achieved, the player will get a cape of achievement for their outstanding rise.

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