July 20, 2024

Guide to Diablo Jewelry: A Look at the Different Items Available

In Diablo, the original in the Blizzard series, there are those items of jewelry that can really be of help in the game. Help in Diablo can only come from rare sources, so knowledge of the ins and out of the jewelry can really place the player at an advantage.

These are the rings and amulets that are available in the original Diablo RPG game. All of the below jewelry are indestructible requiring no repairs and have no requirements to wear.

Diablo Rings

These are all the rings and the buffs that it will give to the player that wears them.

  • The Bleeder – This ring will take off 10 hitpoints, but in return it will give the wearer 30 additional mana points and a 20% addition to magic resistance.
  • The Bramble – This ring takes all attributes down two points, but in return it will give 10 extra in mana and +3 to the damage rate.
  • Constricting Ring – This will consistently decrease your hitpoints while it worn, but it also gives the player +75% to all their resistances.
  • Empyrean Band – For this ring, it will give a fast hit recovery, it will take in half of the trap damage, expand the light radius 20% and give 2 to all attributes.
  • Ring of Engagement – This gives 5 armor and it will help in damaging the enemy’s armor as well. It decreases damage from enemies by 2 and the player’s attacker will take 1-3 less damage.
  • Ring of Truth – This gives +10 to hitpoints and +10% to all the resistances of the wearer. It will decrease damage from foes by 1 as well.
  • Ring of Regha – This will decrease strength and dexterity by 3. It will give +10% to both light radius and to the wearer’s magic resistance. There is also +10 to magic.

Diablo Amulet

There is but one amulet, or necklace, in the original Diablo game. This one is given in a quest, and can be held on to for additional buffs throughout the game play.

  • Optic Amulet – This has the ability to add +5 to magic skill, -1 to any damage taken from enemies, +30% to the lightning resistance, and +20% to the light radius. It will make the area that the player can see be larger, which is nice when something is trailing you.


There aren’t many items of jewelry that can be received in Diablo, but what there is will help most players. Keep trudging along in the game until all are found, or the perfect one is received. Either way, the player is sure to have a little edge against the competition; be it human or other.

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