June 24, 2024

Are board games or video games more entertaining?

Both video games and board games are indoor games and in order to know which of them is more entertaining, one must have a first hand knowledge about both. While board games like chess, carom, billiards and snookers are the team games, played between two persons and ultimately a person who is an adept in such games who wins the maximum number of points is the winner and in chess, a player who is skilful in moving different kinds of his or her forces what we call, the king, queen, horse, the bishop, elephant and the soldiers successfully and in the end, who checkmates or castles the opposite king from moving further, is the winner.

In carom a player who is skillful in pocketing all his coins first by using his striker without deviating from the rules of the game, is the winner. Billiards and snooker are different ball games, won by a player, who scores maximum number of points by following the rules of the games. In the all above mentioned indoor board games, a player or a team wins defeating his or her or their rival.

Video games are played with a set of tools in a Television screen or in a computer through online and there are hundreds of video games. Each video game is set up in a way that there are number of hurdles or stages on clearing which the player is permitted to move to the further stage and points are allotted for reaching a particular stage. For example, a race car, before reaching the final target or winning post has to clear many stumbling blocs on the way and even a minor hiccup or a dash against side pole will smash the car and you have to start your race afresh.

Now we have to analyze whether board games or the video games are more entertaining. Undoubtedly both are providing entertainment to the players concerned. Both forms of games require a skill and experience to succeed. However, ultimately the board games are the winners in providing more entertainment than the video games for the following reasons:-

1) Since the board games are played between teams, naturally there is more scope for entertainment, competitive spirit etc. Even a wise move by the opposite player or a good strike in a carom by a player or a shot by a player in billiards or snooker, will enliven the proceedings and will evoke the admiration and appreciation from the onlookers of the games. Whereas, in a video game, any skilful move or crossing a hurdle may be considered only as an achievement only by the player concerned and his skill may even go unnoticed without any scope for appreciation at all.

2) While board games require the players concerned to be thorough with the rules of the indoor games, any violation of a rule in a board game provokes instant disapproval from the opposite player and it also provokes an instantaneous discussion from the onlookers of the game providing further discussion and thereby entertainment.

3)The board games mentioned above have been internationally recognized, regulated and international organizations to conduct further tournaments at the national and international level with lucrative price money offer. Naturally such tournaments are well organized and conducted in specific venues, taking the winners to a higher plane of international understanding, recognition and awards. Provision of such facilities naturally adds glamour to the concerned indoor games and hence they are more entertaining than the video games. On the other hand, the video games are just pastimes and have no any other scope.

4) The board games are played by the people belonging to all age groups and so naturally they have more scope for entertainment. The video games are mostly played by children and teens and not by adults. Therefore, they have lesser scope for entertainment.

5) The board games require a very little investment to begin a game, whereas to play a video game or online video game you require either a Television or a computer. Naturally boardr games can be played very easily and so entertainment is at your finger tip whether it be chess or carom.

Therefore, it may be safely concluded that board games are more entertaining than the video games.

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