April 15, 2024

How to deal with your wife or spouse hating you playing video games

If you have a spouse who does not like playing video games, they will try to discourage you out of that world of gaming, but don’t give in. You should try to show them why you like to play video games and get them involved in it as well. You may want to find a video game together, a video game that best suits the both of you. The wife or husband may not like playing video games, but personally, I believe this is a great way to spend time with each other. Sometimes, when it comes to marriage, you will have to give some and get some, there’s things you need to sacrifice and things you shouldn’t. Chances are your spouse has hobbies they like to do as well and you don’t like those hobbies, therefore, you both need to pick times to spend together. Keep in mind that the choices shouldn’t solely be based on one individual.

Have you seen the new age video games that are emerging on the market? They are interactive video games that families could enjoy – that is something you and your spouse should look into. Take the Wii for instance, there is a magnitude of games on the Wii and they are very interactive. If you and your wife are not able to find that common ground, then you just aren’t meant to be together as one. The process of a marriage takes two. If you married your spouse liking video games and they knew that you were a video game enthusiast, then they should have no problem with it. You can’t marry someone, then change them into what YOU want.

Another thing to do is to see if you are playing games to many hours at a time. This can be easy to do when you play video games that give you the video game rush. That’s why you need to set an alarm clock to get you to know what time it is. The important thing to do is to make sure you spend time with your spouse as well as playing your video games.

Video game addiction…isn’t that a strange terminology? If you are constantly being accused of having a “video game addiction,” then you should consider the factors I have listed above. Yes, you can be playing the video games a lot and miss school over it, but its not something that runs through your blood, so it’s not truly an “addiction,” as some will call it. It is simply the process of being too caught up in a game, possibly even being too childish and not knowing when to stop.

Also, as you look on the Internet you will see a lot of  “games cause divorce.” We’re sorry, but the only thing that causes a divorce is someone not agreeing, not caring to see the other side of the story and saying, “it’s my way or the highway,” If that’s the case, then maybe you’re just not Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson.

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