May 19, 2024

Semi Rare Runes in Diablo 2: What You Need To Know

The Blizzard team put in a good amount of runes into the game of Diablo 2. These runes are used to customize items that are “socketed” in the game. Sockets are indentions in the armor or weapon that can hold things like jewels or gems, or runes; they are used to put individual traits into the weapon or armor item.

There are different runes depending on what level of customization the gamer wants although enhancements to skills, defense, or offense are paramount. These are the Diablo 2 items that are the semi rare runes that can be found in the game. There are also common runes in Diablo 2.

Semi-Rare Runes

These are mid range runes and are worth a little in trades with other players; trades of a semi-rare rune for another semi-rare that is needed more is apt.

  • Sol – Level 27. Gives a +9 to the minimum damage in a weapon and a 7 reduction in damage if it is in armor/helms/shields.
  • Dol – Level 31. Gives the ability to have monsters flee 25% of the time upon a hit in a weapon and life replenishment +7 in shields/helms/armor/
  • Hel – Level 33. Gives -20% requirement needs in weapons, and -15% if it is in shields/helms/armor.
  • Io – Level 35. Gives +10 to vitality in weapons, armor, shields, and in helms.
  • Lum – Level 37. Gives +10 to energy in weapons, armor, shields, and in helms.

Higher Level Semi-Rare Runes

These are the upper range of the mid level runes, and are worth still more in trade with other players.

  • Ko – Level 39. Gives +10 to dexterity whether it’s in armor, weapons, shields, or helms.
  • Fal – Level 41. Gives +10 to strength whether it is in armor, weapons, helms, or shields.
  • Lem – Level 43. This will give 75% extra gold from monsters in weapons, 50% if in shields/armor/helms.
  • Pul – Level 45. This gives +75% damage to demons/+100 attack rating versus demons while in weapons and +30% enhanced defense if it is in armor/shields/helms.
  • Um – Level 47. This gives a 25% chance of an open wound hit for weapons, all resistances +15 for armor and helms, and all resistances +22 for shields.

Runes, as anyone can see, are a great way to get precisely the buffs that one would want in a weapon, armor, shield, or helm.

Using runes in a specific combination, to make what is called “Rune Words” can offer additional bonuses on top of the rune’s individual bonus. Make sure that the runes that are used are the ones wanted, as they can’t be took out and reused.

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