May 19, 2024

How to Save Money by Renting Console Video Games

REVIEWS: Game reviews provide more than just game information, they can save you money as well. Sites like give market information, trailer teaser, and review score. Microsoft put millions into (and having to put millions more) into Windows Vista but it did not do well. Same goes with game trailers. Do not buy into the game trailers. Listen to the reviews; they will save you a ton.

GAMER TYPE: What type of gamer are you? Are you an exclusively online player? Do you skip the story and go straight for the online play? If so, go buy it but how do you know if it is worth the money. Rent it!!

GAME TYPE: If the game is a shooter either first person or third, then it will typically have online multiply player. If so, then you want to know if it is a keeper. Go rent it. Losing six dollars to Blockbuster for renting the game is much better than $60 for buying and finding out the game wasn’t all that it was hyped up to being.

STORY LINE VS ONLINE: I recently rented an Xbox 360 game that I really wanted to purchase. It had a great story line and cooperative play. Based on the reviews and the first version of the game, the online play was not that great and the story was relatively short (12-15 hours). I completed the game in four days. I was satisfied with the game and glad to have rented the game and saved myself money.

Digital games as a cultural asset

Almost half of all Germans play computer and video games. They are part of everyday culture, a common interest for all social classes and a leisure activity for several generations. Their aesthetics have found their way into the cultural zeitgeist; from the two-dimensional pixel to the three-dimensional polygon, from the electronic MIDI sound to the orchestral live performance of well-known game soundtracks.

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