July 19, 2024

Bangkok’s Sky High Dining: Wine and Dine High Above the Streets of Bangkok in the Sky Bar

It is mind-blowing to arrive at The Sky Bar, one of six bars at The Dome in Bangkok, and gaze upon the panoramic view of night-time Bangkok with its landmarks identifiable along the meandering Chao Phraya River and its streets alive with flashing neon.

Bangkok, the main city of Thailand, is a large city known for ornate sanctuaries and a vibrant life on the streets. The Chao Phraya, used by many boats, flows through the network of canals and also past the old town of Rattanakosin with the opulent Great Palace and the temple of Wat Phra Kaeo. Nearby are the temple Wat Pho with a huge reclining Buddha statue and across the river Wat Arun with its steep stairs and spire in Khmer style



The Sky Bar and its restaurant, Sirocco, are the most popular of the bars and restaurants on the 65th floor of the 67-storey building and jut out into the night as though suspended from invisible pulleys. No tourist should leave Bangkok with visiting this new landmark, even if you find the basic charge of approx 350 Baht, ($US10.50) per cocktail a bit steep.

One would be forgiven for thinking that because of the exceptional views and the wow factor of being so high above Bangkok, that the food might be of secondary importance, but no, the menu is superb. The European menu more than holds its own with the stunning views, offering an extensive choice on the a la carte list which includes a daily special.

Sirocco is named after the wind that blows into Europe from the Sahara, but the breeze that blows across the bar in the sky is a welcome relief from the heat of the streets far below. In the rainy season, fortunately short, special arrangements are in place to serve customers and move them quickly back inside

Start the evening at the Sky Bar with a bottle of champagne from the wide choice on offer. Be prepared to pay in the region of 3,300 Baht ($200) and upwards per bottle. Take the elevator up 64 flights of the State Tower Building located along the Chao Phraya River and be rendered speechless.

Thailand takes an easy-going attitude to health and safety, and the roof is contained with only a low, transparent railing. If you have a fear of heights it is definitely not the place for you.

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