June 24, 2024

Got Talent TV Show to Come to Thailand

Thailand looks set to see if it’s Got Talent with news the talent show is to hit Thai TV screens courtesy of consumer goods products company, Unilever.

The show will be produced in Thailand by GroupM ESP (Entertainment, Sports & Partnerships) with WorkPoint Entertainment being the actual production company. FremantleMedia who co-own the show with Syco will provide what they call flying producers to ensure the established format is adhered to.

Unilever Will Sponsor the Show to Highlight Sunsilk and Rexona

Sponsoring the programme will be consumer good company Unilever who will use it to highlight the Sunsilk and Rexona brands –in a bid to make them as talked about as the Got Talent competition is – whilst also celebrating eight decades in Thailand.

“The ‘Got Talent’ franchise is the top program in every country where it is broadcast, and talking about the contestants and what happens on the show becomes part of people’s everyday lives,” explained Mrs Wannipa Bhakdibutra, Vice president, Health and Beauty Aids, Unilver Thai Trading in a press release.

Got Talent Made Scottish Singer Susan Boyle Famous in Thailand

Its not without precedent.Susan Boyle, who made her name in the British version of the show is known in Thailand and English Premier League football has a strong maybe even fervent multi-million following.

The same format as the original program search for competitors and a three judge panel with hosts will be used. The three judges, according to Uniliver, will be Nirut Sirijanya, Pinyo Rutham and Benz Pornchita Na Songkla with Krit Sriphumset and Nake-Ketusepswasdi Palakwong na Ayudhaya being hosts

“FremantleMedia Asia and FremantleMedia’s consulting producers will oversee and observe that the format’s quality control is adhered to during the entire production,” said Patrick Schult, CEO FremantleMedia Asia in response to e-mailed questions. “The biggest challenge is to make the first episode resonate with viewers across the whole country,” he acknowledged.

It is not yet known who will broadcast the 13-episode programme with an announcement on that expected in February although already the grand prize worth over 10 million baht, including a condominium, new car, and cash is being well publicised.

Got Talent Now In Five Asian Countries

Thailand is not the first, but rather the fifth Asian country to have the Got Talent format, nor is it the first talent show programme in the country as some of the programming on GMM Broadasting’s Play Channel is similar. “Some parts are like Got Talent” said Surachai Sensri. Managing Director of GMM International in an interview with Content Asia.

Four other Asian countries China, India, Indonesia and the Philippines already have had the Got Talent format. The Philippines was, according to FremantleMedia, a notable success being the number one in its time slot and attracting an 8.6 million audience.

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