April 15, 2024

Hong Kong Shopping Heaven: Mongkok Sneaker Street

Sneaker Street is the name affectionately given to the rows of available sneaker stores located on Fa Yuen Street and the streets surrounding it which hold literally dozens of stores solely devoted to selling sneakers.

Choices Available on Sneaker Street

The ranges of brands available on Sneaker Street include nearly all the brands that are popular with general sneaker enthusiasts which are primarily Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance and Converse. Higher-end sneakers are available elsewhere but the majority of stores on Sneaker Street focus on these particular brands. Therefore it is suggested that Sneaker Street be enjoyed in a relaxed capacity rather than primarily for hunting out original gems for resale.

Judging by sheer number of available pairs of sneakers, it is difficult to imagine any other place in the world that could best Sneaker Street. However the range and styles stocked are usually closely related to new releases and it may be difficult to find sneakers that fit in pre-popular styles. It is still possible to locate the older style of sneakers but shoppers will have to be diligent in their search while being open to spending hours on end searching the various stores.

However, because of the number of stores, there is always the possibility that rare pairs of shoes can be found, including Asia-only releases that are not available in other countries.

Other Products Available on Sneaker Street

Shoppers interested in goods other than sneakers would also be pleased to note that several sporting goods stores are also available in the vicinity. These stock sports brand clothing, bags and accessories.

Though the huge number of available stores on Sneaker Street is undeniable, it is useful to know that most of the stores are related in the sense that they are group owned. Even though most stores do not outwardly show this, they will still hold similar product stock making it difficult to look for particular shoes.

Sneaker addicts looking for originality may be interested in visiting “New York” or “Chicago” which are stores reserved for more high-end sneakers though they are understandably higher priced.

Another drawback of shopping on Sneaker Street is the fact that it may be difficult to find larger sizes. Children’s sizes up to US Men’s size 10 are usually no problem to locate but unfortunately for those seeking sizes from 11 and upwards will find that the available sneaker styles will be limited.

The best thing to note about shopping on Sneaker Street is that even though it seems difficult to get a bargain price due to the group ownership stores ensuring there is an understood going rate for shoes, that prices on sneaker street are still considerably much, much lower than elsewhere especially compared to overseas stores.

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