May 19, 2024

Discount Shopping in Manhattan: Finding Bargains in New York City

When planning a visit to New York City, be sure to schedule some time to visit Manhattan’s discount retailers and outlets. You may have to dig a little and elbow through a crowd, but you won’t even remember the pain when you find that darling designer outfit at a fraction of its full retail price. And, the bargains aren’t limited to clothing. You’ll find books, housewares, and accessories at the shops detailed below.

Syms — A New York City tradition, this discount retailers specializes in designer women’s and men’s clothing, all at a significant discount. They are particularly noted for their men’s suit selection.

Syms has two locations in Manhattan: 400 Park Ave. (212 317-8200) and 42 Trinity Pl. (212 797-1199).

The Strand Bookstore — A bibliphile’s dream, this bookstore, in business for 80 years, boasts 18 miles of book racks. They offer both new and used books, and offer a good selection of advance reading copies (the ones given to reviewers) on recent bestsellers at a steep discount.

The Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway Ave. (at 12th St.); 212 473-1452

Loehmann’s – Another New York City favorite, this discounters specializes in women’s designer clothing at a savings. Typically the prices are around 35% to 65% off the full retail prices. Be sure to check out their famous “Back Room,” where top designers wares (some with the tags cut out) are offered well below retail. Tip: there are no changing rooms in the “Back Room” and only women are allowed in. Be sure to wear something like tights or a bodysuit that will make changing in the aisles easier.

Loehmann’s also has locations in Queens and the Bronx.

Loehmann’s, 101 Seventh Ave., 212 352-0856

Century 21 – This store in Manhattan’s Financial District calls itself “New York City’s Best Kept Secret,” but it’s actually pretty well-known. Like Filene’s in Boston, this is a store where you’ll have to rub elbows with fellow shoppers and dig through racks and bins of merchandise to find a treasure. But, be assured there are treasures there.

Century 21, 22 Cortlandt St., between Church St. and Broadway Ave., 212 227-9092

Bolton’s – Located in the heart of Manhattan’s up-scale shopping district, Bolton’s offers a wide selection of moderately priced, yet stylish clothing. Most items are under $75. There are also locations in the Financial district and in New York City’s Murray Hill neighborhood.

Bolton’s, 27 W. 57th St., 212 935-4431

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