May 19, 2024

Where To Shop In Kolkata: Popular Shopping Areas In Kolkata

The common saying about Kolkata’s market is that a buyer can find anything from tiger’s milk to horse’s egg here. It might sound funny, but literally everything a shopper can think off is available in the markets of Kolkata. From flea markets to gorgeous shopping malls, a shopper can find some great deals. Travellers who want to buy memorabilia for friends and families back home can think of terracotta decorative items, handicrafts, spices, Darjeeling tea, saris, and cotton dress materials.

Popular Shopping Areas In Kolkata

New Market: Earlier known as Hogg’s Market, New Market is the most popular and the oldest shopping centre in Kolkata. From footwear to trendy bags and from apparels to cheap jewelleries the market has everything to offer. Bargaining is a must here to get a good deal.

Location: Lindsay Street

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, and until 2.30pm on Saturday. The market remains closed on Sunday.

Street Market at Gariahat and Shyambajar: Gariahat street market (in South Kolkata) and Shyambajar street market (in North Kolkata) are bargain hunter’s delight. Both these footpath markets have hundreds of stalls offering fashionable bags, cheap jewelleries, dress material, apparels, and footwear. While shopping in the street markets, bargaining is often expected and it adds more fun to shopping. The general rule is not to pay more than half of the price asked by the shopkeeper. Sometimes, shopkeepers offer discounts or a lesser rate if more than one item is bought.

Location: Gariahat junction/Shyambajar 5 point crossing

Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Both the markets remain closed on Sundays. Gariahat Market opens at 11 a.m on Monday.

Dakhshinapan Shopping Complex: Travellers looking for Indian handicrafts and traditional shopping in Kolkata should drop in this open air shopping complex. The complex includes Indian state governments’ emporiums, where travellers can find fixed rate handicraft items, saris and dress materials. Cheap cotton Indian clothing is also available here. To relax in between shopping, shoppers can drop in at the famous Dolly’s Tea Shop, a boutique tea shop, famous for its different fruit flavoured tea. If hungry, travellers can head for the Benfish mobile van store and grab a fish fry or try some Panipuris just outside the shopping complex.

Location: Ghariahat Road near Dhakuria flyover

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 7.30 p.m., and Mondays after 2 p.m. Closed on Sunday.

Shopping Malls In Kolkata

In recent years, many shopping malls have sprung up in the city, giving a new trend of shopping in Kolkata. Popular shopping malls in Kolkata are South City Mall at Prince Anwarshah Road, City Centre, Salt Lake, Shreeram Arcade at Esplanade, Treasure Island at Park Street, and The Forum at Elgin Road. If a shopper has enough money to spend, he/she can drop in these malls to check out the latest fashion trends.

Where To Buy Books In Kolkata

If a traveller loves books, then Oxford book house is one of the best places to visit. Oxford book house has a great atmosphere, where one can browse books, sit, and read a couple of pages.

Location: Park Street, next to the entrance to the Park Hotel

Opening Hours: Daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Another must-visit place is the College Street Boi Para. Hundreds of small, medium, and large book stalls and street vendors sell books here. From medical books to story books, classics, and novels, all categories of books are available here. Most of the Kolkata book publishers have their outlets in this area. One can also find second hand books for a cheap price. All the book sellers offer some discount on new and old books alike. Even old books can be sold here.

Location: College Street

Opening Hour: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Closed on Sunday

While in the city, travelers should make it a point to take out a day or two off to explore these great shopping areas in Kolkata and definitely they will find some great deals to take back home as a souvenir for friends and family.

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