July 20, 2024

Great Mall of America Shopping: Unique Stores at this Bloomington, Minnesota Tourist Destination

Like to shop? Minnesota’s Mall of America has over 500 stores, and no sales tax on clothing! Enjoy deluxe versions of the mall’s four anchor stores: Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Sears. Bargain hunters will love Nordstrom’s Rack. The mall also offers a large version of just about any typical mall store you can imagine including a multi-level Old Navy, an expansive Barnes & Noble, and two American Eagle Outfitters and Victoria’s Secrets. Shoppers can also delight in more upscale shops such as Coach, Guess, and Ann Taylor.

While shopping at these familiar stores, visitors will also want to check out the unique and harder-to-find shops available at Minnesota’s Megamall. Here are a few special MOA stores to visit.

  • Lake Wobegon USA. This store is as uniquely Minnesotan as it gets! If you’re a fan of Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, stop by for some souvenirs of the show such as The Prairie Home Companion Pretty Good Joke Book. Other gifts with a kitchy Minnesota feel include the “You Know You are a Lutheran If…” book and mug set, the Church Potluck Supper Cookbook, and a variety of Scandinavian home decorations, apparel, and humor (yes, there is such a thing). Other PBS and NPR broadcasts and related broadcasts also are available.
  • LEGO Imagination Center. This huge display is great fun for the kids, who can play with huge vats of LEGOS amidst impressive LEGO displays of dinosaurs. Be sure to check out this and other unforgettable Mall of America attractions.
  • Aveda Experince Center. Aveda is a Minnesota-based company that creates and sells natural beauty products. Stop by for complementary demonstrations of products including hair care, skin care, makeup, and “pure-fume.”
  • Rybicki Cheese. This unique Wisconsin family owned store sells a huge selection of cheeses that you can walk by and sample, along with a collection of Green Bay Packers memorabilia and “cheesehats.” While you’re at it, check out some of the other great Mall of America restaurants and specialty food stores.
  • Al’s Farm Toys. This unique toy store has a huge selection of model tractors, cranes, ships, and other cool farm equipment, transportation, and machinery. It also carries a nice selection of dolls.
  • Bead It! Like making your own jewelry? This store features a huge selections of beads from all over the world in an incredible amount of designs and price ranges. Visitors can purchase the makings of whimsical children’s bracelets or elegant crystal jewelry.
  • As Seen on TV. Come on, you know you secretly want to go in there! This store sells all kinds of cool gadgets that are sold on infomercials like those handheld pancake holders and those magic little upper lip shavers. If this is your thing, you’ll also want to check out QVC @ The Mall.
  • Itz A Puzzle. This place has a mesmerizing variety of puzzles for all ages, from 30-piece puzzles for children to mind-blowing 3D puzzles, some of which contain over 6000 pieces!

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