May 19, 2024

St. Denis Street Montreal Shopping Tour: St. Denis Street in Montreal, Canada Offers Fun Unique Boutiques

From housewares and home furnishings to high-end clothes and Canadian-made winter apparel, Rue St. Denis in Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood offers some serious shopping.

St. Denis Street offers fun bars, fantastic restaurants and some great shopping. Here’s a shopping tour from south to north starting near Roy Street just north of Sherbrooke Street.

Fancy Hats, Funky Shoes, Delicious Sweets

Montreal Images (3854 Rue St. Denis, 514-284-0192). Posters, greeting cards and fun Tin Tin products.

John Fluevog Shoes (3857 Rue St. Denis, 514-509-1627). For footwear that’s fun to wear.

Couleurs (3901 Rue St. Denis, 514-282-4141). How to get to retro. Unique one-of-a-kind finds from the fifties to the seventies.

Bleu Nuit (3913 Rue St. Denis, 514-843-5702). Blue Nuit has the same owner as nearby Arthur Quentin. What AQ exquisitely does for the kitchen, Bleu Nuit elegantly does for bed and bath.

Chapofolie (3944 Rue St. Denis, 514-982-0036). Hats for every occasion — and gloves to match.

Suite 88 Chocolatier (3957 Rue St. Denis, 514-844-3488). A chic boutique for gourmet chocolates.

Living the Lush Life

Arthur Quentin (3960 Rue St. Denis, 514-843-7513). Bring back a souvenir from here, and the cook will kiss you! One of Montreal’s finest shops for the kitchen and gourmet chef.

Lush (4067 Rue St. Denis, 514-849-5333). A colorful shop that offers all natural handmade bath products in fun shapes like wheels of cheese or deli spreads sold by the pound.

Senteurs de Provence (4077 Rue St. Denis, 514-845-6867). For a splash of Southern France. Tablecloths, runners, fabrics, home scents and bath accessories.

Kanuk (485 Rue Rachel E., 514-284-4494 or 877-284-4494). Proudly made in Quebec. Take a quick detour onto Rachel Street two blocks east if you’re in the market for men’s, women’s, and children’s coats, jackets, outerwear and gear. Kanuk manufactures all of their clothes right here at their factory and retail store.

Chandells & Cie (4116 Rue St. Denis, 514-286-6109). For colorful candles that are all made in Quebec.

Dix Mille Villages (4128 Rue St. Denis, 514-848-0538). The name translates to ten thousand villages. For a variety of fair trade products.

Essence du Papier (4160 Rue St. Denis, 514-288-9691). Pens, paper products, and stationary in every color of the rainbow.

Housewares, Nautical Themes and Games of Chance

Zone (4246 Rue St. Denis, 514-845-3530). Get in the Zone for two floors of unique housewares.

Bohemia Global Market (4282 Rue St. Denis, 514-288-0850). Imports from around the world including a wide selection of colorful tangines, a Moroccan ceramic cooking staple.

Depart en Mer (4306 Rue St. Denis, 514-288-6273). Ships ashore. This colorful shop boasts nautical flair. For furniture, accessories, navigational instruments, clothing and exquisite ship models.

Galerie Flowerbox (4400 Rue St. Denis, 514-843-4400). The live potted plant sculptures from Galerie Flowerbox defy gravity because they’re hung vertically on the wall.

Le Valet d’Coeur (4408 Rue St. Denis, 514-499-9970). The name translates to the jack of hearts. Fun in the form of games, puzzles, classic toys, collectibles, and juggling apparatus.

Nüspace (4689 Rue St. Denis, 514-845-6868). For futuristic and fun furniture such as Eero Aarnio-style globe chairs.

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