April 15, 2024

Shopping and Eating in LaGrange, Georgia: Huge Bargains and Huge Taste on the Square South of Atlanta

In the small town of LaGrange, 67 miles from Atlanta, Mansour’s Department store has amazing bargain shopping. Charlie Joseph’s Hot Dogs has similarly amazing fast food.

The town square of LaGrange, Georgia, is a quick 4 miles in from Interstate 85, south of Atlanta and Exit 14. The square boasts a lovely fountain and stately landscaping. Shops, stores and offices border the square and line the four streets coming off the square. Two places in particular make it well worth the while for travelers to take make the 4 mile detour.

Mansour’s Department Store Clothing Prices Cheaper Than Thrift Stores

Mansour’s Department Store has been a family business for generations. Its flagship LaGrange store is right on the square and offers some of the best clothing bargains in the Southeast United States. Mansour’s is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Ball gowns, men’s suits, children’s clothes, and an enormous variety of women’s clothes are available for way-below-discount prices. Some prices begin at only $1.

Many non-English speaking travelers join the regulars in the 2-story store. “Shopping” and “bargains” speak an international language, and the friendly clerks seem unfazed by the charade translations they willingly provide for some shoppers.

LaGrange, Georgia is Home of Unexpected and Crazy Bargain Items

Mansour’s carries more than clothing, too. From week to week, though, what else it carries is anybody’s guess. Dismembered mannequins and used file cabinets may be on sale for ridiculously low prices. Still-in-the-box hand-beaded candle sconces might show up at 50 cents a piece. Some items are more expensive like a seeming truckload of women’s new cashmere sweaters. Beautiful items seem even more so at $15 each. The variety at Mansour’s can be overwhelming and on the days of the $2 sales the place can be jammed.

Charlie Joseph’s Hot Dogs – Home of Unexpectedly Great Fast Food

Shopping can be hungry work and a half block walk around the corner from Mansour’s is the answer for that. Charlie Joseph’s Hot Dogs is also an old LaGrange tradition. The fourth generation now runs the daily breakfast and lunch place. Many people start their day with an egg and cheese sandwich from Charlie Joseph’s and visit again for lunch.

Famous Hot Dogs and Burgers at Charlie Joseph’s in LaGrange, GA

The Armenian immigrant Charlie Joseph made his name with the hot dogs. They are not fancy. Steamed dogs arrive on steamed buns and are served on paper napkins. The secret is the chili and hot pepper relish. The relish is eye-wateringly hot and not for the faint-hearted. The burgers are also very unpretentious but served with a great variety of toppings.

Sit at the Counter in this Georgia Family Business

Charlie Joseph’s has a takeout window that faces right out on the street and some small tables along the walls inside. The best seats in the house are at the double counter. Watch the preparation of the famous dogs and burgers and, if it’s not a busy time, chat with the friendly folks doing the work. Chances are one of the owners will be slinging the dogs.

This summer a road trip by LaGrange, Georgia, is well worth it. LaGrange is on the way to many southeastern U.S. vacation spots and these two places will provide memories to tell friends about.

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