May 19, 2024

Spas and Treatments in Thailand: Royal City of Hua Hin has a New Wellness Spa

There is nothing like being pampered for an hour or so, and being the sole object of a masseuse’s attention as she applies therapeutic oils to smooth away pent-up stresses and strains of life. Medical spas, with their combination of relaxation and aromatic treatments for mind and spirit are all the rage in Thailand.

Amongst the best of them is Bangkok’s S Medical Spa on Wireless Road. Now this famed establishment has a sister in Thailand’s royal city of Hua Hin – the Sea Wellness Spa. The Sea Wellness Spa offers a range of treatments from Colonic Detoxification to Thai massage, aromatherapy and Swedish massage.

Colonic Detoxification, for example, involves the clearing of all waste products from the large colon. Apparently this is important as the longer the waste remains in the intestine the more damage it might cause, like irritation of the intestinal lining and absorption of toxins from the lingering waste. Very unpleasant indeed

The Sea Wellness Spa uses an electrolyte fluid that is similar to that of the body’s own fluid composition and contains minerals, electrolytes and other essential elements for a healthy you. The fluid is warmed to body temperature too. It appears that colonic detoxification is popular with Asian, particularly Japanese, clients, apparently few Caucasians attempt the procedure. And at nearly 5000 baht (US$140) is not a cheap therapy.

It is very comforting to know that a registered nurse is on duty during the hours of business.

A more popular conventional treatment is the blue wave aromatherapy that uses only the palm of the hand and thumbs to relax and loosen tense muscles and pressure points. Aromatherapy treatment starts with a soothing foaming antibacterial foot bath. Once that is over there is a choice of soft, medium or strong pressure along with a selection of oils. Therapist explains the benefits of the oils before you choose.

Peppermint oil is popular. Traditionally used as a calming agentle action of palm against muscle. No matter what oil is selected the cost of a Blue Wave massage is 650 baht (US$20) for one hour of utter pampering.

The Sea Spa is spacious with all the spaces inducing a feeling of calmness and security. The treatment areas have been designed to look like a Aegean island village, indeed the texture of the white washed roughly hewn walls is certainly reminiscent of the hamlets on Mykonos, Cos and Milos. Each treatment room has a large window that looks out on to a display of lush architectural vegetation and a shallow stream of clear water trickles past the window with a most pleasing effect.

But the Sea Spa offers more than just colonic detoxification and traditional Swedish-style massage; facials are also offer as well as two types of traditional Royal Thai herbal massages: Chaley Sak and Largh Sam Nak at 2,500 baht (US$ 75) each.

Spa treatments may not cure any physical ailments but the therapies excel at promoting a sense of mental relaxation and bring a pleasant sense of emotional wellbeing.

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