May 19, 2024

Rune Traders in Guild Wars: Locating These NPCs in The Game

The runes in Guild Wars are a high priority, high profit business. These runes will give tremendous buffs to the players and can be class related or not (what is termed as general, or common, runes). These runes are sold based on a supply and demand system, and can be bought from the Rune Traders in the game.

What are Rune Traders?

These Rune Traders are NPCs (Non Playable Characters) and will sell both the runes and the insignias that are in game. Both the insignias and runes are found on the same trader and there is no limit to the numbers that you can purchase. Rune traders can be in individual Guild Halls if that option has been purchased.

It is quite a handy thing to have and all Guild Hall owners would be encouraged to do so. Guilds that do not fully stock their halls can find their players seeking higher Guilds and losing member status. These are the locations of the Rune Traders in each campaign on the Guild Wars series of games (that are not in Guild Halls).

Where are the Rune Traders Available to Everyone?

The common areas in Guild Wars where you can find Rune traders no matter what campaign the character is in, includes the Heroes’ Ascent, The Great Temple of Balthazar, Zaishen Elite, and Zaishen Challenge. A player can always find a rune trader there no matter what campaign has been bought.

Where are the Rune Traders For Prophecies Campaign?

Released in 4-2005, Prophecies added another aspect to gameplay. The rune traders that are in this campaign are located in the following areas. From Angel in Lion’s Arch, from Sheel in Ascalon City, from Steui in Henge of Denravi, from Lelu in The Amnoon Oasis, from Murgur in Droknar’s Forge, and from Monay in Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

Where are the Rune Traders For Factions Campaign?

Released in 4-2006, Factions added even more with an Asian feel. The rune traders that are in that campaign are in the areas given. From Symeon in Cavalin, from Skye in House zu Heltzer, from Okamoto in Shing Jea Monastery, from Yukito in Seitung Harbor, and from Mitsunari in Kaineng Center.

Where are the Nightfall Campaign Rune Traders?

Released in 8-2006, Nightfall added an African setting. The rune traders that are available in this campaign are as follows: from Ehndu in Bone Palace, from Karnu in the Holdings of Chokhin, from Fahnesh in Mihanu Township, from Kailona in Kamadan (the Jewel of Istan), from Nela in the Astralarium, from Goldai in Beknur Harbor, from Shanka in Marga Coast, from Fahpo in Nundu Bay, from Megundeh in the Command Post, and from Hesham in the Kodash Bazaar.


Rune traders are a handy thing to know about, what they do, what they have, and where they are located. Not everyone can salvage items and find the runes that are desirable to own. There are times when purchasing from rune traders are the only way to obtain the runes or insignias that the character will need to have to fully compliment their character.

Runes and insignias were items designed to be added to the game play to increase a player’s ability to fully customize their armor and their characters. It is like the dyes and other items (although dyes do not add any stat buffs or abilities like runes) in that it is a hotly desired and immediately traded in city ports.

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