May 19, 2024

Prayer Capes and Clothes in Runescape: What Items in RS Give that Boost to Skill

There are different types of clothes, both robes and armor, which will give a buff to the prayer skill in Runescape. These are obtained in many different ways. Some are monster drops, some are treasure trail items, and some are mini game achievements. How to get each item will be given in the descriptions.

Prayer Capes

These are the capes that can be used to boost prayer skill in the game of Runescape. These capes can be worn by anyone that fits the requirements of it.

  • Fire Cape – This is going to give +2 Prayer skill. It is for completing TzHaar Fight caves mini game.
  • Trimmed Skill Cape – This is for +4 to the Prayer skill. The skill cape, attained after reaching two separate level 99 stats, will be trimmed and more skillful.
  • Cloak – This will give a +3 to the Prayer skill. This takes a level 40 Prayer skill to wear. It is a level 2 Treasure Trail.

Not many capes and cloaks, but enough to really help in the prayer skill area when every little bit helps. For more complete sets, see the Prayer Tops and Bottoms to go along with the cloaks.

Prayer Tops and Bottoms

These are set pieces that are found in separates. They will help as individual pieces and as set pieces in the game.

  • Monk Robe, Monk Robe bottom – This will give +6 for the top and +5 for the bottom for the Prayer skill bonus. It is found upstairs in the Monastery.
  • Shade Robe, Shade Robe bottom – This will give a +5 for the top and +4 for the bottom to your Prayer skill. It is dropped by Shades.
  • Priest Gown, Priest Gown bottom – This will give a +3 Prayer skill bonus. It can be received at the Varrock Clothing Shop.
  • Robe of Zamorak, Robe of Zamorak bottom – This will give a +3 Prayer skill bonus. These are a drop from Iban Disciples and from Necromancers.
  • Druid Robe, Druid Robe bottom – This gives a +4 to the Prayer skill. This is a drop by the druids.
  • Robe Top, Robe Bottom – These give a +4 to Prayer skill each. They require a level 20 in Prayer. This is a level 1 Treasure Trail.

Each of these pieces is going to be able to be worn separately or together. Obviously wearing them as a set will make it look better on the character.


There are several item sets and cloaks/capes that are able to increase the Prayer skill. These are a good way to get that additional boost to attain higher prayer skill rewards and services. Have fun, and happy rs gaming.

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