May 19, 2024

Secrets For DIY Window TreatmentsHom

The recent economic downturn has increased the number of people renting out properties rather than owning a new home. While apartments and other rental units offer great potential for interior decorating and design experimentation, these hobbies can be expensive. Rather than accept the off-white vinyl blinds that are typically hanging in standard rental properties, many are opting to put together their own window treatments for a portion of the price interior decorators would charge.

One easy window treatment option for renters on a budget are no-sew pieces that are functional, decorative and easy to implement. With just a pair of scissors, some pre-selected fabric, a glue gun and curtain rods, you can easily measure, cut and piece together a light drapery for any room. Because the fabric can be purchased from any local store, and overall cost of the project is low, the design of the treatments can change each season. Simply swap out a new fabric pattern throughout the year to bring some color or pop to any room without breaking the bank.

When looking to spruce up window treatments in the kitchen, renters should consider fabric selections that are durable or stain resistant, as they will be exposed to splashes of water or food. A fabric that can be easily washed, ironed and re-hung will last longer without losing its impact in the room. Basic fabrics and patterns can be enhanced with small additions such as buttons or gems to create texture, or overlapping sheer colored fabrics to bring different shades into the room on a sunny day.

There are many do-it-yourself add-on window treatment styles that can be purchased at local home goods stores at affordable prices. The pieces can be sized to fit a variety of windows and doors, simply clicking into place without effort or skill. The treatments are made with different materials to match any décor, and can be stained or painted to fit into unique window frames.

For the more adventurous DIY home decorators, window treatments and blinds can be created from pieces of unused wallpaper and a simple roller shade. Taking off the bland blinds in place, renters can fold in sheets of wall paper to block out sun and add a burst of pattern to any window frame. An old map is another ideal window treatment material. The paper is typically worn enough to roll up easily, and makes an eye-catching treatment for guests to enjoy.

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