April 15, 2024

Top Tools That No DIY Enthusiast Should Be Without In Their Home!

If you have recently bought your own home and your mind is turning to what sort of improvements you could start to make, then you are in good company. More and more people are getting into DIY in an effort to save themselves money and acquire a few new skills in the first place. DIY is not for the faint-hearted – you will need skills, knowledge and experience to get started. You will make mistakes for sure, but the more you plan and think your project through, the less likely it will be that a project will end in total disaster. However, first things first, before you get started with any job there are some tools that you will not be able to get by without, and in this article we’ll tell you a little more about some of them:

A Wallpaper Stripper

Anybody that has tried to remove wallpaper by hand will be able to tell you how painstaking it is. It literally takes hours to do one room and sometimes more. Every DIOY enthusiast needs a wallpaper stripper in their lives – these little pieces of equipment are invaluable. They work by applying loads of hot wet steam to a sheet of wallpaper. This serves to melt the glue that it was originally stuck on with, and suddenly rather than pulling off tiny pieces at a time, entire strips will come away in one go. It’s very satisfying and it makes light work of even the most stubborn glue. If you’re not ready to buy one then you could always look into hiring one instead.

A Cordless Power Drill

If there is one tool that you will use time and time again, it’s a power drill. Make sure you buy a good quality one that will last you a long time, and also choose one that is cordless as you will find it a lot easier to use. A decent power drill can do all sorts of jobs – from screwing in shelves and mirrors to assembling furniture. They even work in reverse so that you can unscrew things too. The power drill will save you a lot of time and elbow grease and you’ll work your way through projects a lot more quickly.

A Good Quality Saw

Every handyman needs a quality saw in their workshop. This will come in handy loads so it’s really worth investing in a decent one. Any sort of carpentry will require a saw so if you are contemplating fixing or building furniture or making windows and doors then it will be very useful indeed. You’ll need a hand saw and also a circular saw for bigger jobs. Keep it sharp (and away from children!)

Among the smaller things that you will need in your toolbox are hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and spanners. The bigger and better your tool collection, the more likely you will be able to complete DIY jobs successfully as they come up. Never ever buy cheap tools as you will just end up replacing them in no time at all.

Today’s featured writer, Jack Russel, is a part of the team at Vinyl City, a company that specializes in window installation in Toronto. He likes to spend his weekends with his family at home.

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