April 15, 2024

Replacing Cabinet Hardware Updates Any Kitchen

The key to completing any home improvement project is always in the details. After any home improvement project is nearly completed, there are always countless small details that need to be completed and it’s in the small details that a home improvement project can be from a good result to a great result.

If you have undertaken the job of remodeling your kitchen than you have probably either replaced your cabinets, refaced your cabinets, or painted your cabinets. Now that your kitchen is near completion and your cabinets are fresh with a new look, one thing may stand out as incomplete. Take a look at your cabinet hardware and ask yourself if it fits in with you new décor.

Handles, hinges, and pulls are often overlooked during a kitchen remodel. One reason could be price, another could be time. When you count up the number of hinges, pulls and so on in your kitchen, you will quickly realize that there are numerous parts that would need replacement. Replacing your hinges and pulls can be costly, but it is money well spent as it completes the kitchen remodel.

The key to replacing your cabinet hardware on a budget is to select reasonably priced hardware and avoid having your emotions take over. An average kitchen will have more than 30 hinges and at least 15 drawer pulls. A total of 45 pieces of hardware will need replacement in an average kitchen. Staying within budget is easy as long as you make modest choices.

Most hinges and pulls will range in price from $3 to $6 a piece. At first glance that price seems very reasonable, but you must not forget that you have to take that number and multiply it by 45. At $3 a piece, your total investment is a reasonable $135, but at $6 a piece your total could break your budget at a cost of $270.

There is perhaps no other small detail that will make a bigger impact on the overall look of your kitchen that the hardware that you choose to use. The look can go from modern, to old fashioned, to traditional simply by replacing the hardware with a different design.

Once you have chosen the hardware you want to use, the task of replacing the hardware is fairly straightforward. Typically, the new hardware will line up with the existing holes of the old hardware. If this is the case, simply remove the old hardware, install the new hardware in the same holes and the task is complete.

If you choose hardware that uses a different hole layout, your task is slightly more involved, but not difficult in any way. You will have to drill holes for the new hardware and then fill the old holes. Filling the old holes can be done in many ways depending on the finish of the cabinet.

Once you have completed the project of replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware you will see the overall impact that a small item can make. The key to all home improvement projects is always in the often overlooked details.

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