July 19, 2024

Re-Do How-To: Money Saving Tips for DIY Home Make Over

One of the main objectives of a DIY home make over project is saving money. It doesn’t always work that way however. Often the thrill of the finished project idea in our heads does not translate into cost effectiveness during the DIY project. That’s where these re-do how-to tips can save you money, time and frustration for minor or major home make over projects.

Get Free Advice

Before picking up a hammer or paint brush, get free advice from websites like HGTV and Homestyler . Home improvement websites can provide inspiration and ideas while providing information for a wide range of DIY home projects.

If more of hands-on approach is desired, home improvement centers like Lowe’s offer in-store workshops that teach customers various how-to projects. Lowe’s also offer project how-tos via phone apps and online videos.

Budget and Re-Purpose

Itemize everything you want to re-do room by room and get price quotes on materials and labor (if applicable). This will enable you to set a realistic budget and prevent over-spending. Add a little extra to the budget for the unknown incidentals that always pop up during a home make over.

Look for ways to re-purpose home furnishings to save money. An unwanted nightstand can recycled into a side table in another room or an old dresser can be recycled into a prefect piece of furniture in the foyer or dining room.

Mise En Place

Mise en place is a French cooking term which means ‘put in place’ and while we’re talking about home make over and not cooking, the principal still applies. Gather all your tools before getting started with the DIY project.

Purchase whatever you will need for the project and place it all in a handy location before getting started. Nothing wastes time and energy (and gas) like having to stop working and make a run to the hardware store. Make a shopping list before heading to the hardware or home improvement store and save all receipts just in case you over-buy or something just doesn’t work after the way you hoped it would. Gather everything from your home tool shed that you’ll be using for the make over project too. An empty five gallon bucket makes a perfect carry-all and catch-all for small items like painter’s tape, brushes, chalking, nails, etc. that may be needed during the home make over.

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