May 19, 2024

Top DIY Project – Solar Panels

On the rise and now topping the charts on our list of favorite diy projects is solar and wind turbine power guides. Between the ever increasing “green” movement, inevitable higher energy bills, and the simple desire to build it yourself, the homemade green energy market is about to explode.

Rarely do so many viariables line up just perfect to help create a climate ripe for a certain market as has those related to diy solar power. We are at a time when saving money by going green all while adding value to your home is inline with building home solar panels.

Even if you decide to have your solar power system installed by a company, it would still serve you well to have a complete understanding of your solar and wind systems. If there were an emergency it might be hard to get someone out if you need help, so having your own guild could prove priceless.

Like a few other technologies, solar panels have become quite easy to put together and you may find it surprising that you can build one for under $200.00.

Cost has played a big part in the recent surge towards diy home solar guides, The skillful use of video and audio training also makes learning much easier than ever before. Many local clubs and eco-groups are building their own solar power grids to save money and educate the public on how to do the same.

Summer Camp projects for a wide variety of children should include a solar panel building plan, equally important are family projects that could build into entire cities moving more to green energy. It’s not a far cry away that we can see certain “green” areas of the country getting more breaks than others.

The inevitable tipping point for this diy solar trend is transforming everyday as the phenomena of word of mouth grows. It can also be noted that a growing percentage of the “newbies” getting into building home solar are women. I can only guess that females understand far better than most men, the need to switch as much of our power usage over to eco-friendly energy.

Another great set of articles on the subject of solar home energy can be found at
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