June 23, 2024

The Risk of Performing “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be done by renting a machine or buying a new cleaning unit.  But this is not a guarantee that you can do excellent cleaning. More often than not, people commit more mistakes in cleaning the carpet.  So, get educated before doing it yourself.

There’s something great about a carpet that is clean and fresh.  It makes you feel satisfied giving you and your guests an embracing spirit.  After all, cleaning machines can be rented to wash your floor covering thoroughly.  You think you can get it done and at the same time you save money.

So what you do is visit a DIY store and rent a cleaning machine with solutions.  You place them at the back of your car and go home.  After emptying, filling up, dragging away, and others, would you get the impressive results?

The frank answer is probably not.  It is really pretty simple: what you actually need is to get educated based on the guidelines on how to clean a carpet.  Ignore it and your carpet will be in danger.

First, a small-sized carpet machine from the nearest hire store is small for certain reasons.  It’s easier to carry by hand and to place it in the car.  If the machine is big, you can’t carry it enough.  When it comes to capacity, being small has limited power to function.  There are big differences between the various types and sizes of machines.  All give different cleaning results.

 Typically, the larger the machine the heavier the weight is.  There are larger motors and pumps inside for more power and better cleaning results.  As its power increases, the capacity to clean also increases.  It can work better even during worst conditions.   There will be more vacuuming, additional heat, and stronger pressure leaving the carpet fresher, brighter, and drier.

Possible dangers in DIY carpet cleaning

     1. poor cleaning results – probably due to limited functionality of a small machine

     2. damp carpets – creating smells for few days

     3. building up of mold – because of mistakes in cleaning attempts

     4. delaminated carpets – due to too much wetting

     5. brownish discoloration – due to over wetting

     6. carpet shrinkage – caused by unnecessary moisture

     7. fast re-soiling – caused by remaining residues left behind in the carpet

 The higher risk of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is the bad effect to humans.  Mould spores can be inhaled through the lungs causing health reactions and issues.  Another thing is the damaged carpet, which should be removed and changed, because of improper cleaning.  Many homeowners experienced problems for buying machine they cannot regularly use.   Busy schedules stop them to use the machine and they allow it just to sit on the cupboard.  After a long while, the unit becomes defective and malfunctioning.

The idea to save a little amount could actually cost more waste of finances to you.  It could likely happen and you have been given this warning.  There’s no problem cleaning the carpet yourself.  Only make sure you’re cleaning it right and that you’re saving your rug from possible harm.  If in doubts, always ask professional advice from the experts.

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