July 19, 2024

Setting Up Digitial Signage Hardware and Software in Your Place of Business

Digital signage are digital displays used by retailers to target customers online and offline to purchase their product or service. The information is tailored to potential customers based on their buying habits and demographic area. Installation of digital signage involves setting up software and hardware. The software in installed on a computer server where the information is streamed over the Internet or from a television. The hardware invloves setting up the computer server, mounting the television(s) on a wall, and network cables.

Equipment Needed
Television or LCD
Coaxial Cable or Cat 5/6 Network Cable
VGA to TV Converter
Wireless VGA transmitter
Computer and LCD monitor
Digital Signage Software

Wired Connection
Step 1
Place the televisions in the designated area. Install TV brackets on the wall, then connect the TV to the brackets. The brackets will hold the TV in place. Be certain the televisions are placed in the correct location for customers to view the digital signs.

Step 2
Connect the coaxial cables to the standard televisions then to the coax splitter box. Form a connection from the coax splitter box to the VGA to TV Converter box using a coaxial cable. The VGA is a video card that converts a TV signal to a radio frequency signal and is useful if installing more than one standard TV. The wired digital signage hook-up is similar to a cable box connection.

A Cat 5 or Cat 6 data wire cable can be substituted for a coaxial cable. You would connect the Cat5/6 cable extended from the back of the TV directly to the VGA to TV Converter box.

Step 3
Setup the digital signage workstation. Connect the LCD monitor to the computer that will be the server, then attach the keyboard and mouse to the computer. Attach the coaxial cable to the computer that extends from the VGA to TV converter box that formed the connection with the coax splitter. Plug a CAT5/6 data wire cable into the computer network card so the computer will be able to connect to the Internet. Follow the software installation process to be able to run digital signs on your computer.

Wireless Connection
Step 1
Plug the wireless transmitter into the VGA output slot on the video card of the computer, then connect the wireless receiver(s) to the RCA input jacks (ports) of each television that will display the digital displays.

Step 2
Point the wireless transmitter from digital signage computer in the direction of the television(s) to have a strong signal strength. The digital displays will show clearly from the televisions. You will be able to determine if your digital displays are visible after setting up the TVs, computer server and the digital signage software.

Step 3
Test the wireless connection when hardware and software installation is complete. Go to the Windows Task Manager, type control, then go to network wireless connections. Check for available wireless networks and the digital signage host name would appear with a list of networks. Select the digital signage host name.

Software Installation
Step 1
Download the digital signage software to your computer server. Digital signage is licensed software that can be installed from a DVD or downloaded from the Internet. The company you purchased the software grants you permission to display their digital design templates with your advertised information.

Step 2
Log into the software distributor website using your user name and password. A user name and password is assigned after purchasing the software.

Step 3
Select the templates you are going to use as digital signs. Add the text and graphics to your templates. Graphics in photoshop, jpeg and tif can be used with the templates. Send your completed digital signs directly to the server. View your digital signs before streaming on line or offline.

Additional Information
Research and measure the amount of space needed to install the digital signage hardware. Think about the placement of the televisions and digital signage computer when using a wireless connection. Using a wireless connection, the shorter the distance between the mounted televisions and the computer server will cause less of a interruption in the connection. Also, make sure your computer is on a secure wireless network.

Check with your local county or property management concerning building codes to make sure you are following the proper guidelines in installing fixtures against office walls. This is appropriate step to follow if you are renting office space. Depending on the wall type you may be unable to install the televisions yourself, therefore hire a contractor, who will know the wall strength and be able to install the TV with the correct brackets. If your office space have a limit number of electrical outlets, hire an electrical contractor to install additional electrical outlets.

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