July 20, 2024

Warrior Armor Guide in Runescape: What Armor Pieces Are Available in the free MMO Game Runescape

Runescape, the free MMO game, has many different ways the players can create characters based on what skills they are going to level up. For those creating warriors in this role playing game, they’ll want to know the types of armor in Runescape that are going to be good to wear as they level up and get more skilled.

This article explains the Runescape warrior armor.

Low Defense Requirements

These lower defense level armors are good for those that are just starting out in the game.

  • Bronze and Iron – These are basic armor, with Iron offering slight more defense and protection. These are the cheapest armor, the starter armor in Runescape for warriors.
  • Khazard – This armor is the same as the Iron armor, with just a slight different look to it. Known as the armor of the dark army, but isn’t going to help more than iron in a battle.
  • Steel and Red Armor – Both of these will require the wearer to have a level of 5 in Defense. It is a step up from Bronze, Iron, and Khazard. The Red armor is purchased with tickets from the Castle Wars and is the same as Steel but is red.
  • Black Armor – This type of armor needs the wearer to have a defense level of 10. These can be expensive pieces, as they cannot be smithed.

Medium Defense Requirements

These medium defense level armors are mid ranged in what they can offer a player and need more skill to find and achieve.

  • Mithril, White Decorative and Temple Initiate (White) – All these need the wearer to have a 20 defense level. Mithril has good defense, White decorative is bought with Castle Wars tickets but is the same as mithril only white in color, and the Temple Initiate is what is considered “white” armor (it has a prayer bonus but less protection than the mithril armor).
  • Adamant – Adamant needs the wearer to have a 30 in defense skill. Good defense boost and it is the one most commonly see on warriors in Runescape.
  • Rune – Rune armor has great defense and a great price. It needs the wearer to have a 40 in defense and it’s the best combat armor a warrior could have.

Higher Defense Requirements

These are the best of the best armors in the game, those that will require massive skill to achieve.

  • Dragon Armor – This will need a level 60 in Defense and it is rare. This armor is good to brag about and has good defense boosts, but little else.
  • Third Age – The Third Age armor set needs a level of defense of 65. It is very rare and is expensive. This is some top tier level pieces and worthy to show off when it is received.
  • Barrows – This armor will require a defense level of 70 and is rare as well. It is a powerful armor that has many bonuses as the pieces are collected.
  • Lunar – Lunar armor needs a 40 in defense and a 65 in magic. It is just worn as a brag as it isn’t as good of an armor as others.

For a Warrior character, defense and the proper armor are key to sustaining a long and difficult battle, or when it is time to face a mob in a dungeon. Picking the correct armor and having the defense that will protect you is crucial. That is why understanding armor for the Warrior class is needed when Runescape is being played.

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