June 23, 2024

Common Runes in Diablo 2: What Their Properties Are, and What to Use Them For

There are many different Diablo 2 runes in the game. Blizzard developers use these to bring a sense of customization and randomness to the game. These runes can be used in socketed weaponry and armor to enhance it the way that the player would like to enhance it. There are different ways to enhance items in the game of Diablo 2, and runes are certainly one of the best ways. These are the runes that a gamer can find in the game of Diablo 2.

The Most Common Runes

These are pretty easy to find and aren’t worth very much in trade with other players.

  • El – Level 11. Gives +50 to attack and +1 to light radius in weapons and in armor/shields/helms gives +15 to defense and the +1 to light radius.
  • Eld – Level 11. Gives +75% undead damage and +50 undead attack rating in weapons and in armor/shields/helms gives 15% slower stamina drain with +7% blocking (in shields only).
  • Tir – Level 13. Gives +2 in mana after a kill for weapons and in armor/shields/helms.
  • Nef – Level 13. Gives the ability of knockback in weapons and +30 defense vs. projectiles in armor/shields/helms.
  • Eth – Level 15. Gives -25% to target defense in weapons and it will regenerate mana 15% in armor/shields/helms.
  • Ith – Level 15. Gives +9 to damage maximum in weapons and 15% damage taken will go to mana if in armor/shields/helms.

The Upper Level of Common Runes

These are still common and not worth anything in trade, but are a slight bit harder to find.

  • Tal – Level 17. Adds +75 poison damage over five seconds in weapons and gives a 30% poison resist in armor/shields/helms.
  • Ral – Level 19. Adds 5-30 fire damage in weapons and gives a fire resist of 30% in armor/shields/helms.
  • Ort – Level 21. Gives 1-50 lightning damage in weapons and gives a lightning resist of 30% in armor/shields/helms.
  • Amn – Level 25. Gives 7% life stolen per hit in weapons and the attacker takes damage of 14 in shields/helms/armor.
  • Shael – Level 29. Gives 20% increase in attack speed for weapons and in armor/shields/helms gives 20% faster recovery and block rate (if in a shield).
  • Thul – Level 23. Gives 3-14 cold damage with three second duration in weapons, and cold resist 30% in armor/shields/helms.

As it is, runes are a lovely way to customize a weapon, a helm, or any wearable and useable socketed item. If the gamer is a fan of fire and not poison attacks, the weapon can reflect that. They are some of the most fun items in the game.

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