May 19, 2024

Introduction to Dark Orbit — A Free Online Game

Dark Orbit is a free online game that puts the player in command of a space ship. It is a role playing game set in a two-dimensional, shoot-em-up video game style of universe and it gives the player plenty of freedom over what they choose to do.

A newcomer to the game must first join one of three competing factions, or corporations, representing Earth, Venus or Mars. Once in the game they can also join or form Clans, small sub-units of a faction and can also cooperate with others during play. This allows groups of friends to work together.

As with many free online games, Dark Orbit also offers a premium version for a monthly subscription. The premium option offers faster progression and more playing options.

Playing Choices in this Online Space Game

A Dark Orbit player can engage in one or all of the following in-game activities:

  1. Collect materials that are floating in space and which can be sold for credits or used to create upgrades.
  2. Attack alien ships, earning experience and honor points for destroying them and collecting raw materials.
  3. Collect gold boxes which contain weapons, credits, Jackpot cash or Uridium (explained below).
  4. Attack other ships belonging to other players.
  5. Complete quests or missions.

Each player will have their own preferred activities, usually comprising a mix of those listed above.

A ship begins its adventures from the home space station for the particular faction that has been joined. The universe is split into a sequence of zones, or maps, which are connected by Jump Gates. The map containing the home space station is relatively safe for new players, containing harmless aliens and only the very occasional enemy ship.

As they become stronger and more daring, a player can choose to travel further from their home map area, encountering stronger and more aggressive alients and increasing the risk of running into enemy vessels.

Equipping a Dark Orbit Space Ship

Players can choose from a number of different vessels of varying sizes. These can be equipped with power and shield generators, weapons and a long list of other accessories. Weapons comprise laser cannons and rockets, both of which come in varying strengths. All these items must be paid for, either with credits or Uridium.

Uridium is a special commodity that is used to pay for some of the more expensive pieces of equipment and for the more powerful ammunition. It is collected by destroying alien ships, harvesting gold boxes or by paying cash. Premium players have much easier access to large quantities of Uridium, making it easier for them to buy and equip the more powerful vessels.

Other Features of Dark Orbit

There are plenty of other things for players to discover in Dark Orbit. These include:

  • Skylab, which allows player to create raw materials at a faster rate.
  • Galaxy gates, which are another source of weapons and also routes into new game areas.
  • A Pilot bio feature, which is another way of boosting player attributes.
  • Seasonal bonus boxes.
  • Monthly Jackpot battles, allowing players to win cash prizes.

The game is constantly being added to with new features being developed and enhanced to keep players interested.

Free online gaming is becoming increasingly popular and games such as Dark Orbit give players the freedom to dip and in out when they want to. It is possible to play Dark Orbit in short burts of just a few minutes, or to sit down for a longer session of alien-blasting and points advancement.

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