June 23, 2024

How You Can Save Money on Video Games

Video games are great, but the problem is that with each new console generation, the cost of the actual games continues to rise. This article goes over several things you can do to help you save money on video games.

It becomes more and more necessary to find ways to save money on video games with every console generation, as the cost per game continues to rise.  Though they provide more hours of entertainment value in the long run, games have a much higher initial investment cost than other forms of entertainment.  With the console itself costing several hundred dollars and each individual games costing upward of sixty dollars, those costs will definitely add up quickly.  It is, however, still possible to feed your gaming habit and live a frugal lifestyle when you find ways to save money on video games.

  • Wait a few months after a title is released before you purchase it.  Usually about two to three months after a game is released, it will have its first price drop.  It can be amazing just how effectively you can save money on video games just by waiting for the individual titles to age a bit.
  • Sell or trade in older titles or consoles that you have completed or no longer play.  With the flood of new games always entering the market, there is little time for a second play through of anything, even a great title.
  • Purchase titles used instead of new.  You will probably save 20% or more on each game by purchasing it used instead of new.  This can potentially limit the options available to you because popular titles are less likely to be traded in, but you will definitely be able to save money on video games using this method.  Some retailers even have a discount club that will bring you even greater savings.
  • Check the bargain bin.  These will often contain titles that are either quite old or were ordered in such large amounts that the retailer is unable to sell them all.  You can frequently find some great gems hidden in here, though there will frequently be quite a few lower quality titles as well.

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